What we’ve got up to today;




As I’m sure you’re all aware (wherever you are in the county), it’s very cold at the moment but we all woke up full of beans and raring to go!

We’ve had quite a few duvet days recently too so we knew we wanted to get out in the sunny crisp air. We made ham & cheese omelettes for brunch and got wrapped up in thick jumpers and bobbly hats!

Jax absolutely loves his SmartTrike so we thought we’d take him out on it whilst walking our dog Rolo (talk about killing two birds with one stone). Conveniently, where we live we’re surrounded by gorgeous woods, meadows and parks whilst being 10 minutes from our local town and 20 mins from Central London; so we’ve sorta got the best of both worlds.

We walked up to our nearest meadow and had a lovely time playing fetch with Rolo; Jax loved throwing the sticks for her, and looking out for different birds we could hear. After 45 minutes or so we were really cold so headed back for a warm cup of tea and homemade muffin I’d made yesterday.

* I’ll post my blueberry and muffin recipe after this post so you all have the chance to taste their pure scrummyness! *

Do you have any favourite places near your homes that you like to visit? What’s your favourite muffin flavour? I’m thinking I’m going to try banana and Nutella on Wednesday :)!

Love, J xxx

2 thoughts on “What we’ve got up to today;”

  1. Your son is so adorable! And you should do another recipe post about your banana and nutella muffins <3 I just followed you to make sure not to miss anything :)

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    1. Aww thank you :) I’m going to do a post tomorrow about them as it’s my day off from work!! So look out for the recipe :)

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