Indoor Picnic & The Amazing Carnations



I didn’t post yesterday as I had a super busy day visiting London South Bank University! I was super tired so I had a bubble bath and an early night :)

Today Jax let me have a lay in and woke up at about 9am! (He’s slept in til 11am once!) After breakfast we played in his bedroom; as you can imagine, every toy and book in sight was pulled out/off the shelf haha!!

Jax has been cutting his molars so he’s been a bit unwell the last couple of days, really sneezy and snotty (I apologise). So for lunch I decided to change up the routine and set up a little picnic for him in my bedroom. To my surprise he actually sat there and ate most of his ham and philadelphia sandwich. He also had some Cadbury Animals as a treat but resorted to feeding them to me instead; obviously I gladly accepted hahah!

As for the carnations, I thought they deserved some credit; I bought them 2.5 weeks ago and they’re still looking and smelling amazing!! I can’t believe at only £1.50 each from Tesco they’ve managed to last this long! I will definitely buy them again and they’ve got a large variety of colours to brighten up any room in the house!

I’ve always been in love with candles but this Yankee Candle Summer Scoop has to be one of my favourites – plus it smells like summer, which makes me forget how freezing it is outside haha!

What’s your favourite bunch of flowers? And any recommendations for other Yankee Candles?

Love, J xxx

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