New Shoes for Me & Jax


Good afternoon!
I know it seems really sad but I’m one of those people that if I find a piece of clothing or footwear I really like, I have to find it for as cheap as I can haha! I mean, why not? Why would you spend an extra £10 (the juju jellies) when all you’ve got to do is spend 15 more minutes searching the web. I think it’s worth it anyway!

I knew I wanted some jelly shoes for Jax for the summer; just to use as sea/beach shoes really and because if you were born in the 90’s like me, you know how cool they really are ;) eventually I found these in the Schuh sale for £4.99 – bargain! Especially considering Infant JuJu’s can set you back £15.

I then saw these Red or Dead leather flatform sandals and fell in love! To justify buying them too, (they were only £9.99) I told myself “okay well you don’t actually own any brown sandals so…”. And that was good enough for me haha!

What’s your favourite shoe brands? Can anybody recommend any footwear websites where you can save on the price?

Love, J xxx

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