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My Personal Goals For 2015




Good Evening! I thought I’d just share some personal goals with you all, as I always think writing something out has more effect than not doing so.

So here they are:
• Get accepted into one of my chosen Universities to study Midwifery.

• Keep up to date with my daily journal. So far so good!

• Learn to sew (I’ve got some exciting ideas but I promise I’ll share upon completion).

• Be the best mama I can be for Jax; making sure he’s always happy, healthy, learning and having fun!

• Get 100+ followers on this blog.

• Tone up and get fit. I also want to get back into pole fitness (are there any reasonably priced classes out there?!)

• Complete my Disney Classics DVD Collection, only 34 more to go…

• See the good in everybody

• Be the best partner I can be for Oliver; making sure we have regular ‘dates’ or ‘us-time’, communicating effectively, and to be accepting and understanding as much as I can be.

• Learn to knit! I’m an old lady now you know!

• Be as happy as I can be and to learn to love myself.

I’m sure those are just a few but I’m brain dead at the moment hahah! (1am blogging…)

Has anyone else got any personal goals for this year? And any tips on sticking to them and making sure they’re achieved? I’d love to hear!

Love, J xxx

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