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It’s here!! Friday! The day nearly everyone in the world looks forward to.

Anyway, I work til 8pm on a Friday so my Friday is a little bit longer than most – annoyingly! I only realised a couple of days ago that work owe me 30 mins and my break is 30 mins (I didn’t take it tonight), so I managed to finish at 7 tonight! Woohoo!!!

As I knew Ole was out tonight, I decided to buy some sweet treats to watch a movie with. As you can see I chose the Waitrose Clotted Cream & Raspberry ice cream – added some berries and it’s so yummy. We’ve currently got an offer on at the moment – 2 for £6 on any of our ice cream/gelatos! It’s ironic really as I’m lactose-intolerant so it probably isn’t a good idea eating this ice cream, but it is delicious…

I also bought some pretzels and fruity yoghurts for a fairly healthy treat recipe that I will share with you tomorrow :)) My Friday night movie is Tangled. It may be childish that I love disney movies but I think they’re amazing!! And Tangled is so witty – even Ole enjoyed it!

What does your Friday night usually entail? Partying? Movies in bed? Working?

What’s your favourite Disney movie and why? :))

Love, J xxx

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