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Hello, sorry I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been a bit poorly – just a horrible cold but I’ve been feeling fairly sorry for myself haha!

Yesterday on a quick trip to Tesco I decided to buy some granola – after salivating over many delicious breakfast photos and recipes on Pinterest. (I swear I could spend hours on end just scrolling through everything; everyone should have Pinterest).

The majority of recipes included yoghurt, berries and seeds etc. To my dismay upon opening the fridge this morning, we’d run out of berries; time for plan B. Luckily, after work on Friday I bought some yummy Onken Cherry and Onken Peach, Passionfruit and Papaya yoghurt. So I decided to go for cherry and added some chopped up banana. Simple but scrummy :))

For lunch, I wanted to mix it up a bit for Jax so I decided to use a star cookie cutter for his sarnie. He’s recently learnt to say star and when he saw it on the plate a huge cheesy smile appeared. He then repeatedly said star and poked it for about 5 minutes before deciding he’d eat it haha!! He also had some apple (cut & peeled by our amazing apple peeler and corer!!), some sliced Gouda and a few choccie animal biscuits.

I’ve been really lucky I think, as Jax has never been fussy with food, and he’ll always try something. So he ate the majority of his lunch with no problems :))

Has anyone got any granola breakfast recipes I could try?

Or any good lunchtime recipes for toddlers?

Love, J xxx

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