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I Don’t Like Bloodtests!


Since passing my Breastfeeding Supporters Course, a blood test has been in the pipeline – (great.) Everyone who completed the course has to have one just to make sure they don’t need to have a Measles and Rubella jab.

Well mine was today and I was pooping my pants to say the least. Everybody always says “you’ve had a baby! Surely you can handle a blood test!” – but I don’t know why, I just hate them. I even cried my eyes out having my maternity blood tests throughout my pregnancy. Today was a bit worse though as I had to go on my own whilst Ole waited in the car.

Waiting in the waiting room was awful. I heard and noticed every tick of the clock opposite and the time went by soo slowly I could feel my hands getting clammier and clammier. Finally the lady called me in and told me to take a seat on the obvious ‘blue chair’.

After speaking and clarifying the usual name, date of birth and address, she asked me whether I’d had chicken pox (yes I have!) and whether I’d had the BCG jab (no, because I’m 100% British). She then told me that after my blood test I’d need to have a Mantoux Test. This is where you get injected with a small amount of weakened TB just under the first layer of skin. (I actually felt my heart sink to my toes at this point).

So I had my blood test; you should’ve seen me! (Thank god she managed to get the blood straight-away; I don’t have much luck usually). Following that, the Mantoux test. It hurt so much I thought I was going to cry. It felt like she was scraping the inside of my forearm with a knife and it felt like forever. I’ve now got to wait 2 days before going back to see if I need to have the BCG (I am praying hourly that I don’t have to as I can’t think of anything worse).

I shall post the outcome on Wednesday. Right now I’m sitting watching The Undateables with two dead arms haha! I hope you’ve all had a better Monday than me!!

Has anyone had the BCG? Does it really hurt? And do you always get a scar?! HELP!!!

Love, J xxx

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