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Snow Day! 030215

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Good Evening!

Yesterday we woke up to snow!! YAY! Finally. After weeks of weather forecasts telling me it’s going to snow and it never has, we finally got some! This time I was a little bit more excited than usual though because it’s the first time it’s snowed since Jaxson was born! I couldn’t wait to get him wrapped up and out in it.

Luckily, I bought this waterproof all-in-one (fleece inside) about a month ago; just in case! Which kept him warm and snug whilst he rolled about in the snow. Jax loved it so much which I was super happy about; after about 45 minutes I wanted to go inside and he just kept running back up the garden haha! He hates wearing gloves too, so I was surprised he wanted to keep throwing and touching it because his hands were frozen!!

He loved kicking the ball around the garden and watching the snowflakes falling. Sadly, most of the snow had melted by the afternoon so I’m glad I managed to get him out in it in the morning. Hopefully it snows again soon so we can have some fun in the snow with daddy too! (Ole works nights so isn’t up until the afternoon). For lunch, Jax had minestrone soup with some added new and sweet potatoes, and some star-shaped dipping bread to warm him up :))

It’s so lovely to see such wonder and amazement, in the most simple things, through your children. It really does make everything seem so wondrous and magical and exciting. Even looking out the window at the snow Jax was wide-eyed, gasping and beaming with smiles. Priceless :))

Has anybody got any yummy soup recipes to share? And is it snowing where you are?

Love, J xxx



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