Potty Training Essentials



I’m posting about Potty Essentials just so I have something to reference, but also because Jax has used the potty before bath/bed the last 3 nights!! I’m so shocked!! The only reason I bought a potty was because he kept pointing to his nappy if we said ‘wee wee’, but I didn’t actually think he’d actually do it! All we did was took his nappy off and let him read a book he’d chosen and voila! He wee wee’d in the potty!

The products in the above picture are items I personally think are great to have at hand, if you want to potty train your little one. Jax is only 16 months old which is early, but if he enjoys using the potty before bed, I’m not going to stop him. The products obviously aren’t compulsory either otherwise you could end up spending a fortune! But here’s a bit about them: (from left to right)

Pirate Pete’s Potty;
A brilliant book for your little one to read before, on or after the using the potty! It’s clear, informative and fun and makes a daunting prospect seem exciting! There is also a ‘cheer’ button to press if your little one does a wee wee or poop. Also available in ‘Princess Polly’s Potty’. Cheapest I’ve found them is £5.21 on Wordery.

And encouragement (even if they don’t go, always keep positive “well done for trying!”. This way, the potty becomes a fun thing for your child to do! If there’s negativity, it may put them off.

2-3 Pottys;
I bought two as we have 2 bathrooms in our house which I think is a good idea to get them used to the natural potty/toilet surroundings. Travel pottys are also a good item to have handy – especially if you’ve got them to the ‘pants/knickers’ stage haha. We bought 2x the white potty which were £2.99 in Mothercare! Although I love the green, they were all sold out when we went :(

Neal’s Yard Organic Soap/Bentley Organic Baby Soap;
We wash our hands after we’ve used the toilet, so in my opinion, the earliest your little one learns this the better – and it won’t do any harm. I’ve chosen these soaps as Jax has really sensitive skin, and comes up in a rash w/ dry patches of skin if we use anything too harsh (it even flares up if we use Johnson’s). So ever since this started I’ve been on the hunt, testing different sensitive soaps. Jax also loves anything with a pump action top as he knows how to use it – this makes hand washing fun and also gives your child a little independence.

A Reward Chart!;
I think having a reward chart is a great idea, especially if you’re going to go full throttle and fully commit to potty training your little one. At the moment, we’re just offering the potty before bed, so haven’t yet purchased one. A reward chart is also a cheaper alternative to rewarding your child as all you really need is cool looking stickers – every child loves stickers. This one is from Amazon. But you could easily make your own – Pinterest have an amazing selection to choose from!

Pull Ups/Training Pants;
Again, these aren’t essential unless you’re fully committing to potty training your prince or princess, but there is a huge variety available to buy. These Naty pull ups are organic, made of natural material and really sensitive on the skin. They’re really soft and absorbent too. They are quite pricey at £6.49 for 22 but they’re great if your little one is sensitive.

Or you can get some training pants! These ones are made by Bambino Mio and they’re £6.99 each. BUT, they are machine washable – so take that into account. They’re made from soft cotton and have a water-resistant layer and absorbent inner pad. They have lots of colours and patterns which are so cute!! And if your little one chooses their own colour this again is a positive step to using the potty.

As your child gets more confident on the potty and starts to poo on there, wipes within reach are an essential. Letting them wipe on their own again gives them independence which is rewarding. Once they’re done have a quick check and there you go!! These Naty wipes are sensitive and natural but Kandoo wipes make the experience a little more fun :))

A Mat (splashmat);
I think this is a great thing to have to put your little ones potty on, as it enhances how fun it is to use the potty. eBay have a huge selection of colours and patterns to suit your child. They’re affordable too as you won’t need a huge bit either. Just type in ‘oilcloth fabric’ and you can put your preferences in using the refine tool.

I apologise for the lengthiness of this post, but if you have read it, thank you!! Any more products or tips you have? Please share!!

Love, J xxx

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