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My Favourite Blogs


Hiya :))
Just thought I’d post about my favourite blogs and give a little info about them so you can check them out!:)

The Rockstar Diaries/ Love Taza;
I’ve loved reading this blog for about 3 years now. I’ve loved reading about Naomi & Josh’s life in NYC and seeing them welcome their 3 babies into the world – Eleanor, Samson and Conrad. It’s really fun reading about their day to day lives and their adventures that go along with it. Check it out here: The Rockstar Diaries

Mrs Meldrum;
This is a fairly recent blog I’ve come across but I’m always anticipating the next post! Mrs Meldrum (Rebecca) has two gorgeous girls Safiyah and Florrie. It’s a lifestyle, parenting and pregnancy blog & Mrs Meldrum also vlogs on YouTube! Check out her channel and subscribe for weekly updates! Her blog can be found here and her YouTube channel can be found by typing in ‘Mrs Meldrum’.

Maman Et Bebe Kiyan;
I enjoy reading this blog as Steffanie often writes reviews about beauty products – (I love reading about things before I commit to buying) and posts about fashion through the glamorous life of motherhood. Her son Kiyan is adorable and love reading updates. Find her blog here

All Of A Flutter;
All of a Flutter is a fun, beautiful and exciting blog written by Nuala. She posts regular beauty and fashion reviews/hauls and manages to find amazing bargains you can’t resist! She’s recently had a gorgeous baby girl Violet so hasn’t blogged in a while, but posts regularly on her Instagram!! Find her blog here.

I also follow a few amazing people on Instagram who you should definitely check out:
• @dirtyprettyvintage
• @swallowsanddamsons
• @laurenkatedavies1
• @bettyscottage

Can anyone recommend any parenting/lifestyle/fashion blogs I should follow? Or anyone you love on insta?

Love, J xxx


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