The Library & Coombe Gardens














IMG_0782 Good morning! This is a post from yesterday but didn’t have time to post last night! (I apologise for the photo spam you are getting with this post)!

So yesterday me and Jax woke up raring to go and in a really happy mood. I decided I’d take him to our local library for the first time; as he’s never been before, I wanted to look for some midwifery books and because I wanted to see if it’d curb my book spending!! Jax really enjoyed picking up every book in sight and running around the childrens section but I didn’t manage to find any books for either of us really! I plan to go to the larger library in town over the next few days :)

For lunch, I made me and Jax tuna & sweetcorn paninis which were scrummy. Jax lovessss sweetcorn so picked all of those out before eating the rest. I love watching him and I’m always wondering what’s going through his head. Once he’d finished all of his he saw that I had sweetcorn in mine and was pointing to it saying ‘seecorn’ – which I presume is sweetcorn haha!

When Ole woke up we went to Coombe Gardens. It’s 5 minutes drive from us but you’d think we were out in the country somewhere! Although there weren’t any flowers other than a few snowdrops, just walking beneath the huge trees and over their bobbly roots was adventurous and fun. Jax loves flowers and being outside, so was beaming with glee at bushes and shrubs that a lot of people would just walk past without a second glance!

He loved climbing the tree with Ole and then jumping into my arms – he’s honestly such a thrillseeker (definitely our child). He also found a few pine cones and made a game of throwing it as far as he could before running after it to throw it again. Oh the simple things eh… when does the magic disappear in simplicity? I wish it didn’t. I love how happy and amazed Jax gets by absolutely everything.

As we were heading back to the car, the sun was setting (I’m a sucker for a sunset) and it was a bit chilly but we didn’t mind. It’s times like this that truly matter; when there’s nobody around except the people you love, a beautiful sunset and just happiness. When you take a step to the side and just observe how lucky you are to be here.

As we reached the entrance, Jax watched the fish in the pond swimming around for a few minutes before waving and yelling ‘bu-bye’.

What a lovely afternoon; I love my little family so much :)

Now, back to today and it’s off to work I go!! I may blog later…

Love, J xxx








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