Mama Life

Dear RAS (Your Special Birthday)



Today it’s one of my best friends birthday. Her 21st birthday actually! And she’s not just a best friend, she’s more like the sister I never had and she’s the best.

Me & Becca have been friends since we started school (I think this was either ’97 or ’98, I’m not sure how to work it out hahah) but it’s been a very long time. We’ve had ups and downs but 99% is good :)) we’ve shared so many experiences and memories and I smile and laugh thinking about them even now. Or for example, flicking through old photos – like the ugly embarrassing ones up there ^^ – reminds me of how much fun we’ve had over the years;

From camping at school, to skiing in Switzerland. From annual holidays to Cornwall or the Isle of Wight to sleeping on the trampoline overnight in the summer. From half-wetting ourselves in Sainsbury’s Photo Booths to watching Bec breathe into a paper bag after she’d been winded (after falling over hahahah!). To us having a ‘joke’ fights at school to real ones that made us cry. From being there for each other through the good times to being there for each other through the bad. From sharing experiences for the first time together to sharing experiences for the millionth time together. From making fajitas every Thursday to all of our crazy sayings and ways of doing things… The list really is endless!

All I want to say is thank you for always being there for me in every way. I hope we have many more memories to come because they can only get better right? Carry on being crazy with me please!

Have the best birthday ever because you deserve it! (I know you’re working til 4 because you’re crazy but enjoy it and your evening afterwards).

I love you long time always and forever!

Lots and lots of love,
Me, Ole & Jax :))

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