Green Smoothie!




Morning :)

Today I decided to finally have a go at a ‘green smoothie’. I bought some curly kale the other day and I am determined to start leading a healthier life (as of 1st March – and maybe not whilst we’re at Disney). I have started to drink water every day instead of juice and tried to stick to the ‘healthier option’ for mealtimes.

For this smoothie, I used the following ingredients;

• 2 handfuls of washed kale
• 2 bananas
• A handful of blueberries
• A handful of raspberries
• 300ml of coconut milk
• 6 big ice cubes
• 60ml of fresh orange juice

This smoothie was quite thick (I prefer them thick) but next time I think ill definitely add more juice or maybe some water just so it’s a bit easier to drink. Jax liked having some though and it was really yummy. Which is good for me because I’m not a massive fan of green vegetables :\

I think I’d also try using some almond milk/soy next time; as I’m lactose intolerant I don’t tend to use milk or yogurt in my smoothies. I don’t like soy milk on it’s own but it could be different in a smoothie!

Has anybody got any other ‘green’ smoothie recipes to share?

Love, J xxx


1 thought on “Green Smoothie!”

  1. I will sometimes use apple juice to sweeten it up a little. If you freeze some of your fruits you won’t need to add any ice that may water the flavor down. You could always throw in some fresh ginger, too…. great health benefits there :)


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