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A Few New Treats!


Yesterday morning, me and Jax popped to Bromley to have a snoop around the shops! I prefer Bromley to Croydon; there’s much better shops and their Primark is amazing!! Plus, they’ve got a Disney Store haha – I’m far too excited for next week. 

I’ve been looking for some boots for soo long, I’m so so fussy so I was amazed when I found these in the BANK closing down sale for £15!! I just had to get them – 100% leather too! I also saw this Parisian themed toiletry bag and HAD to buy it considering we’re in Paris next week! It was like fate brought us together hahah! I also got this cute stripy turtleneck top. 

We then popped into Zara as Jax still had a voucher from his birthday that we hadn’t used yet and got these very cute t-shirts and leggings. Obviously one has navy stripes and the other has little tigers on it! So cute!! 

And the total? £18! I love Zara Kids (and Zara in general for that matter), I think they do some amazing clothes! The quality is brilliant too and most of the them are made from organic materials so they’re soft on the skin. I’d buy the whole shop if I could haha! 

Disney Countdown: 4 days!!!! Has anybody got any tips for travelling to Disneyland Paris with a toddler?! And the best restaurants to eat at? 

Love, J xxx


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