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The Horniman Museum!

Ole dressed Jaxson!!

Good evening lovelies!

On Monday, it was quite cold and foggy but we were determined to get outside in the fresh air. We were thinking we’d like to go to a bird sanctuary but after noticing the entry fee of £15 each to our nearest one, we decided to find something cheaper (we’re going to Disney on Monday so trying to save the pennies!!). In the end we decided to visit the Horniman Museum for the first time! I’d heard a lot of positive feedback from friends and family who have previously visited, so we were really excited to go!

When we got there we decided to visit the new animal enclosure that had been built in 2013. Jax loves every animal and is so gentle and friendly with them so we couldn’t wait to see his excited face! There wasn’t that many animals; alpacas, chickens, goats, sheep and rabbits – but Jax loved it all the same! You could tell they were planning on expanding too, as there were new enclosures being built!

We then walked round the gardens, which were gorgeous even though hardly any flowers had bloomed yet! We could also see The Shard and the London skyline from the Bandstand which was amazing. Jax loved chasing the pigeons and crows around the flowerbeds hahah!

Afterwards, we went to the Natural History part of the museum. This was a huge room full of taxidermy, fossils, skeletons and more! It was great because Jax thought all the animals were real! The amount of sound effects coming out of that childs mouth was hilarious. From monkeys noises to ducks, cheetahs to fish, snakes to dogs – other visitors even commented on it haha! Adjacent to this room, there was a room that they call the ‘Nature Base’. It’s an area where children can draw, investigate, and listen to sounds of birds and other animals. There was also a live bee-hive so we could see the bees making their honey!

We looked around the ‘African Worlds’ and the ‘Music Gallery’ too. It’s amazing how such beautiful instruments and masks and clothing can be made from objects and fabrics you wouldn’t even think of using. Amazing!

I would definitely recommend The Horniman Museum if you’re looking for a fun, free day out! We can’t wait to go back in the summer-time when the flowers are out in full bloom and the weather is a bit warmer. I picked up a brochure and there are some exciting events coming up – including nature trails, arts and crafts, easter egg hunts etc.

Love, J xxx

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