Our Trip To Disney!

Hello hello helloooooo!

I do apologise for not posting lately but I’ve been so busy – it’s like I wake up and then the next time I look at the clock it’s 10pm again! And I apologise if this ends up rather lengthy!! (Ill post photos in the next post) 

Anyways, I’m just going to share what we got up to on our trip to Paris and Disneyland! I hope you enjoy. 

Day One – 16th March 2015;

First off, we were soooo excited. If you didn’t know already, my mum bought us this trip for my 21st birthday in November – BEST present ever right?! So I’ve been excited for 4 months hahah! Our Eurostar Train was due to leave at 12:25 so we left around 11.

Jax was asleep for the majority of the train ride which was amazing! When he did wake up he was so excited looking out the window and seeing the gorgeous French countryside. I was really worried about how he’d be but he was so well behaved. 

Once we’d arrived at Gare Du Nord (15:45 French time!) we travelled to Gare De Lyon and dumped our cases in the station lockers (€9.50 for 24 hours – which we thought was very reasonable for 2 huge cases! Also meant we could explore without worrying about them!) We then had a look around Notre Dame and the cute windy streets near there, and decided to have dinner at a restaurant across the road from the Seine; called Severn.  It was lovely and the waiter was so helpful with the questions we had about transport! 

We then headed back to Gare De Lyon to get the RER to Disney! :D (Marne La Vallee Chessy). We arrived at about 21:00 and then got the shuttle bus (number 53) to our hotel – Explorers Hotel! The room was amazing – a double bed, bunk beds and a cot all for us three haha! 

Day Two;

Today we accidentally woke up late – 10am! So we rushed down to have our breakfast and then headed to Disney! We had the most amazing morning going on the Mad Hatter’s Teacups, It’s A Small World and watching the afternoon Swing Into Spring show! (The theme for the time we were there).  It was soo hot; I think it was about 21•C it was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky.

For lunch we ate at ‘Last Chance’ in Frontierland and we had chicken wings and chips haha. Something we found fairly abundant throughout the park. Before heading back to the hotel we queued to have photos with Mickey Mouse!! Jax couldn’t contain his excitement and it made me so happy to see how much he was enjoying it. Jax gave Mickey a cuddle, a high five, kissed his nose and shook his hand haha! He still goes crazy when we show him the photos now, and even kisses my phone. *Heart is melting!!*

For dinner we decided to go to Planet Hollywood which was yummy! Jax decided he’d be really hyper which was just hilarious. He had every waiter/waitress around his finger. 

Day Three;

We got to the park for opening time on Wednesday and we decided we’d go on all of the ‘big rides’ we wanted to go on. We headed for the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin first. Jax loved watching Ole go crazy with his laser (resulting in a score of 89,000 lol) but me and Jax shared a gun and we managed to get a score of 2800 hahah! We then went on Peter Pan’s Flight. We originally thought this would take an hour and a bit but we finished both within 30 mins! We then got the train round the park and got off at Main Street USA before going to the studios. 

We had lunch at Blockbuster Cafe in Backlot and had a very yummy croque monsieur :)) we saw quite a few characters walking around including Jessie, Mary Poppins, Remy, Emille, Goofy, Woody, Donald and Chip & Dale. We then headed back to the hotel for a swim as we were planning on returning for the Disney Dreams Show at 8pm!! (Which, by the way, was absolutely AMAZING!!!!) 

Day Four;

For our last half a day we were planning on visiting the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and we were waiting to buy a ticket back to Gare Du Nord for an hour and 20 minutes *not impressed face. We did however visit The Louvre before making our way back to the station. 

This was the best first family holiday we could ever want and Jax had sooo much fun. We can’t wait to go back and relive those amazing special memories we’ll have forever. 

If you have any questions regarding anything, do not hesitate to ask! :) I shall upload our favourite photos in the next post…

Love, J xxx

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