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20 Facts About Me Tag!

Hello! I was tagged on Instagram but I thought I’d share on here in case you want to have a quick nose into the crazy world of me haha!

1}  I Have 3 middle names; Louise, Averley (“aver-lee) & Ann – hence ‘jlaac’!

2}  I am a qualified breastfeeding support specialist for mothers.

3}  After a 26 hour labour- drug free and totally natural – I gave birth to our beautiful boy in a birthing pool, on Wednesday 25th September, 2013 @ 15:53. He weighed 8lb 8oz!

4}  I’m so OCD about certain things I often wonder if I have the disorder; I also have certain obsessions, e.g. Collecting Disney Films, Lipstick & Buying books for Jax are just a few!

5}  My dream is to become a midwife.

6}  I do not know what I’d do without Bastiste Dry Shampoo – best mummy product ever created?!

7}  I have 2 tattoos and 6 piercings; I used to have a lip piercing but you grow out of some things don’t you.

8}  Ole & I weren’t a couple when we found out I was pregnant, but we’ve stayed together ever since and I think that’s an amazing achievement and we’ve proved everybody wrong. I’m so thankful & happy (excuse the soppy!).

9}  I absolutely love Nandos, I know it’s crazy but it’s up there with my favourite restaurants haha! (Cheap date….)

10}  Ole & I part-own a house with his parents, which we bought for us to live in, but we don’t actually live in it. We’re living with his parents until we’ve saved enough money to decorate etc :) can’t wait for that day!!

11}  I LOVE sleeping.

12}  But I also hate feeling like I’ve wasted a day, so I write a list every day of things I want to get done.

13}  I’m actually really forgetful – can I still get away with baby brain? – I have to write evvvvvverything down!

14}  I broke my nose when I was 2, but haven’t broken a bone since! *Touch wood.

15}  I always cry when I laugh (crying with laughter haha).

16}  I have a tiny birthmark on my forearm shaped like a butterfly.

17}  I love love love photos, I have about 30,000 photos on my laptop, Ole’s laptop and our external hard-drive. I know that sounds crazy but I’m being deadly serious!!

18}  I love being a mama and wish I could be a ‘stay at home mum’. It breaks my heart when I have to leave Jax with the childminder :((

19}  I love cooking and baking but Ole is an amazing cook so I don’t actually cook as much as he does.

20}  The sunshine makes me so happy, I feel like I can achieve anything and everything when the suns out haha!

If you have any more questions, please ask – I’m quite an open person! 

Love, J xxx

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