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Some Superdrug Treats


Good evening, me again! 

Yesterday, I had to pop into town because my eyebrows were in a right state and needed seeing to! (It’s crazy how eyebrows can change the whole look of your face!) And me being me, I couldn’t help but have a nose around a few shops haha! 

I headed for Superdrug – I do prefer Superdrug compared to Boots but funnily enough I actually visit Boots more… anyway, I decided I wanted to look for some stick on nails (a travesty considering I used to work in a nail bar) but they’re simple and easy. 

I found some cheap and cheerful ones for £4.99, with a natural French manicure style finish – that’ll do! I then noticed the whole shop was running a 3 for 2 offer, uh oh… Of course I had to find 2 more items… I noticed the ‘Revolution Nude to Bronze Palette’ which looks almost identical to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette! The price? £4! In that went. I’ll post photos when I use it :) 

I then noticed the MUA Lipsticks were £1. I have a lipstick obsession; therefore there’s no way I couldn’t not try them! I decided on a red colour and a purply colour. I also decided to get some lip/eye liners; red, white and clear. All for £1 each! 

By this point I still needed to find one more item to include in the 3 for 2 deal. My favourite nail varnish of all time is Chanel Rouge Noir. Only problem is, it’s £18 which I can’t really justify buying on a part-time wage! So I’m constantly on the quest for a dupe. (If anybody knows any worthy contenders please comment!) Anyway, this ‘Collection’ Lasting Gel Polish in Vixen Red looked fairly similar. – I have since tried it and it comes out very red in colour whereas the rouge noir is a lot darker. On the plus side, I love the wide brush. It just makes it so much easier! Why aren’t all nail varnish brushes wide?! 

Has anybody tried any of these products or other items from these brands? What are they like? 

Love, J xxx

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