Easter Monday; Tilgate Park

Yep. Another one from Easter haha! I probably should’ve put it all into one post but anyway…

Easter Monday we went to Tilgate Park, in Crawley with my side of the family. I love Tilgate Park. I think it’s amazing and it has so much to offer. You could easily spend a whole day there, and if you take a picnic, you definitely won’t spend more than £10 max!! It’s about a 40 minute drive from us but it’s so worth it. The weather was beautiful too so we were extra excited! We arrived at about 12:15 and had our picnic straight away. 

We then headed for their Nature Centre – which, by the way is so cheap (2-16 years old: £1 and 17+ years old: £2 – and it’s FREE during the winter months) for the amount of animals they have. They’ve got meerkats, alpacas, reptiles, every farm animal, lots of bird species, tortoises, fish, guinea pigs & rabbits, reindeer and red deer, raccoon dogs, otters and many more! They also put on quizzes, nature trails, ‘meet the (whatever animal)’ and if you’re there at the right time, you can watch the animals being fed! Jax absolutely loved walking round copying every animal noise he could and stroking every animal possible. 

At 3pm we went to meet ‘Ollie the Owl’ – Ollie is infact a girl – not sure what that’s short for – but fun all the same. Jax loved stroking her and shouting ‘twit toooo twit tooooo!’. It’s crazy how soft and fragile her feathers were! 

Afterwards, we headed to the lake to sit in the sunshine and kick a ball around. Roxy (mums rottweiler) must’ve been feeling really hot because as soon as she saw the lake that was it. She ran so fast to the riverbank but stopped as soon as she got there. She was hesitant but soon jumped straight in hahah! Once shed got out she shook her whole body, whilst getting a poor lady on the path soaking wet hahah! She thought it was funny though thank god! 

Here’s some photos;

  Jax and uncle Dan!  Jax bringing me some daffodils 💛   Jax stroking the ponies!    Jax stroking Ollie the Owl  Pano view of only a small amount of lake!  Jax chasing the rooster! – they always have chickens and roosters walking around haha! 

Does anybody know any similar parks in Surrey? I love finding new places to explore! 

Love, J xxx

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