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Late I Know, But Happy Easter!

Hello!! Now I know what you must be thinking; ‘Jeorgia… Easter was last week? Why’re you blogging about it now?’ – Well, I don’t really have a reason, but I took some cute photos of Jax that I can’t not share! 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter whether you believe in JC (haha my initials) or not! Unfortunately, I had to work Good Friday – which was a bit rubbish considering it felt like absolutely everyone else on the planet wasn’t working. But hey ho, that’s retail! Despite this, we did have a lovely weekend filled with lots of family, food, chocolate, and fun. I’ve probably put on a stone since then (and we still have dozens of eggs to get through) but we had a good time :) 

Here’s some of the photos I took of Jaxson;

Love, J xxx



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