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Jax Update: 20 Months!


Whenever Jax does something new, or something amazing, I’m always quick to photograph, record or write it down in my diary or calendar. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realise that sometimes on those special occasions, my phone memory will be full (like it still currently is!), or I won’t be able to find a pen or I won’t have my camera on me. So I’ve decided to start writing them on here, so they’ll be safe and set in stone forever!

So Jax is now 20 months old – yes, 4 months away from being 2!! TWO YEARS OLD! How on earth did that happen?! Anyway, here’s where he’s at currently on the ‘development’ scale.

Motor Development;

  • Climbing: In the last 2 weeks or so I’d say Jax has really grown in confidence with climbing whatever it is he fancies! If we’re at the park, he won’t hesitate to climb ladders/rock climbing walls/ steps up to slides or a climbing frame. I must say I’ve had a couple of mini heart-attacks watching him if he misses a ledge, but he’s learning with each step – so I generally leave him to it. Click HERE to see Jax climbing the biggest slide at Toddler Group!
  • He’s equally as confident climbing onto chairs, sofas and bed now – we have had a couple of bumps to the head but he gets right back to it once he’s settled haha!
  • He’s fully capable of going up and down the stairs too – coming down on his bottom which he finds hilarious.
  • Jax has now got the hang of running – and he’s actually quite the speedy gonzalez! He loves to run round the kitchen island shouting ‘running! running!’ Hahah! There’s no stopping him now; and it’s keeping me on my toes too (that’s one way to keep fit).
  • Jax can throw a ball underarm and overhead (if it’s a small ball like a tennis ball). He can kick a ball – much to Ole’s delight and he has endless amounts of fun running up and down the garden kicking and throwing the football with Ole!


  • Jax can now string together 2 or 3 words when he’s talking. Just the other day, I offered him a 1/4 of a sandwich and he said “don’t want it” – loud and clear! I love that every day there’s something new that he wasn’t saying the previous day. We can actually have conversations now haha!
  • Jax has been able to say ‘please‘ and ‘thank-you/ta‘ for a while now, as well as ‘sorry‘, ‘love you‘ and ‘yes/no‘.
  • Numbers: For a couple of months Jax has been able to count to 10 which we think is amazing! He recognises numbers now too and knows which order they go in on an anologue clock (magnetic clock puzzle – highly recommended!). Click HERE to see Jax counting to 10 for the first time on camera! It’s a funny one hahah.
  • Letters: He’s now beginning to understand the ALPHABET, and loves singing alphabet songs; whenever he see’s a letter he sings haha, bless him. He knows that ‘A is for Apple or Ant‘, ‘B is for Bus‘, ‘D is for Daddy‘, ‘M is for Mummy‘, ‘N is for Nanny‘ and ‘Y is for Yoyo‘. (A selective bunch to know but I’m guessing they’re his favourites haha?).
  • Jax understands us when we ask him to do something and is beginning to understand prepositions.
  • Jax knows quite a few SHAPES too, those being: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Heart, Star, Oval and Diamond. (Again, he has a shape puzzle! Puzzles seem to be the key to Jax’s knowledge at the moment haha). The COLOURS Jax knows are: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Brown, Green and Orange. Still working on Pink and White.
  • Other: Jax knows where the following BODY PARTS are; Nose, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Teeth, Tongue, Hair, Knee, Toes, Fingers, Feet, Hands, Legs, Arms, Belly and Bottom! He knows what the following ANIMALS are/what noise they make: Dog, Cat, Fish, Snake, Rabbit, Squirrel, Tiger, Elephant, Lion, Monkey, Penguin, Bear, Zebra, Dinosaur, Crocodile, Turtle, Giraffe, Frog, Jellyfish, Bee, Worm, Fly, Caterpillar, Snail, Slug, Butterfly, Spider, Cow, Horse, Pig, Sheep, Chicken, Parrots, Owls, Ducks, and Birds in general! There’s probably some more he knows too which I’ve forgotten haha.
  • Jax knows how to say a lot of FOOD related words, such as: yoghurt, pretty much all fruit, crisps, biscuit, lunch, dinner, breakfast, cuppa tea, water, juice, pancake, chicken roast, spaghetti, pasta, rice, potato, eggy, toast, chippies, ice cream, berries, raisins, beans and cakeys. 
  • SONGS Jax knows and loves: Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row Your Boat, Wind The Bobbin Up, The Wheels On The Bus, 5 Little Monkeys, Sleeping Bunnies, Old MacDonald, See-Saw Marjorie Dor, The Grand Old Duke of York. He is also absolutely loving Chris Brown and any dance-hip-hop track. He’s a right groovy mover when he gets going!


  • If I do say so myself, Jax plays amazingly on his own, as well as with other children. He is the best sharer I’ve ever seen in a young child and is very patient with whoever he plays with.
  • His imagination is really starting to grow and he loves playing with his pirate ship and dollshouse (gender-neutral guys!) – he’s even beginning to talk in different accents and tones when he’s playing with his pirates or his figures! So cute!
  • Jax loves nothing more than to snuggle up and read a book (or six!) together. He loves choosing them and I love how he remembers certain pages, characters or recites his favourite phrases. E.g. “What a good idea said Zog, and up and off he flew, ” ” ” ” as he zigzagged through the blue” – Zog by Julia Donaldson. He also loves books with flaps, even though we’ve had a few ripped ones haha!
  • He has begun to copy what we say now too, so we’re on extra guard as to not say anything naughty hahah!


  • Reading
  • Puzzles
  • Being outside – he’s such a nature boy it’s crazy! Not even 2 years old and already has sunflowers, beans, strawberries and tomatoes growing in the garden haha! He loves going on his swing and having races on his ride-along cars with us (not comfy!)
  • Drawing – he loves doing ‘dot’ drawings at the moment!
  • Singing
  • Imaginative Play with his Pirate Ship and Dollshouse
  • Stickle Bricks



What’re your 18-24 month olds up to? Are there any toys or books you’d recommend?

Love, J xx


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