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I Think I Should Stick To Blogging…



I am writing this in quite a frustrated mood so if there’s any outbursts during this post I apologise in advance… (I will also explain why I’m slightly annoyed haha). 

Anyway, I’ve been really interested in the whole vlogging scene for about 3 months now and I love love love, watching other mummies and fashionistas do their thing on YouTube. I love that they all capture the amazing and not-so amazing moments of parenthood and life in general. 

I also sit there and think ‘apart from my annoying mummy and camera voice, surely I could do that?’ – I could definitely see myself when I’m 70, looking back at them and feeling reassured that my memories will be available for my future generations! As well as watching them for my own daily dose of happiness and giggles.

So last night, I found an old camera I haven’t used for years (my DSLR does record but I decided it was a bit bulky for a first-timer) and charged it overnight. This morning, I took the plunge and recorded most of what we’ve been up to today; breakfast, toddler group, food shopping, bathtime etc… Voila, a day in the life of me haha. 

This evening Ole has gone to the pub as all his friends have now finished university, so they’re having a catch up before he goes off to work. Perfect time to edit my videos and try and get a finished First Vlog I thought… YEAH, OKAY JEORGIA! 

This was 2 hours ago, and to be fair, I’ve never edited a video in my life so it was all very alien to me (using Windows Live Movie Maker) – but I did manage to get an okay 5 minutes of footage edited and finished, complete with music, effects and captions. (Please believe me when I say 5 minutes is a long time when you’re focusing on each millisecond of footage haha! It also could’ve been a lot better, but for a first go I was fairly happy) 

Anddddd then I see this:

‘Windows Live Movie Maker is not responding and needs to close’. 

“No! No you don’t need to close!” I shout; as if my laptop is going to listen and say “oh yeah sorry you haven’t saved what you’ve done yet have you?”

Great. 2 hours work down the drain. Thanks Windows, you’re such a babe. (Obviously going to blame the program instead of myself for not saving frequently…) *facepalm

I have since shut my laptop down, and decided maybe I should just stick to blogging? Haha! I need a video editing angel to fly down from the heavens with an amazing laptop and make me an exciting First Vlog, and subsequent vlogs if you guys want them… Where can I find one of these hahah?! 
Okay so that’s my rant over. I might try again tomorrow but I’m still a little upset at the mo. I’m going to make a frothy hot chocolate and put a Disney film on! 

 Vloggers – 

  • What software do you use to edit? Are there any program’s that are best for beginners like me? 
  • I’m currently using a compact Samsung camera; what cameras do you find work best? 
  • Does anybody know any video editors who’d be willing to make me an amazing video hahah? 

Thanks guys! 

Love, J xxx

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