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New Bed Sheets // I’ve Gone Cleaning Crazy

Gooooood afternoon, I hope you’re enjoying the lovely weather like I am (writing this on the garden swing in the gorgeous sunshine). If you’re not, I do apologise for rubbing it in haha!

This morning, Jax and I went into town on the bus. (I can drive and we do have a car but Jax loves the bus – plus I get free travel!) I wanted to get Jax some shorts as he’s only got about 3 pairs, and we’re off on holiday in 2 weeks so they’re obviously a clothing must have. I also needed to get a birthday card for my mums boyfriend, as it’s his birthday tomorrow! 

We went into Primark first as it’s the first good shop you come to after getting off the bus. I went straight down to the kids floor (it’s kind of annoying that once you have a baby and a buggy, the lift is the only option, it takes so long!) and went to the ‘baby boys’ section first – I find that the 12-18 months in the baby boys section, is so much smaller than the 1-1.5 years in the boys section?! Even though they’re the same age? Anyway, we see where the shorts are and take a look – I don’t like any of them. 

I swear I’m so fussy when it comes to Jax’s clothes and they’ll only get dirty or sandy or wet or have ice cream all down them but I’m constantly battling between ‘well they are only £4 for 2 pairs’ and ‘yes but that’s £4 on something you don’t like’. I’m terrible haha! In the end I decided his need for shorts was more important than my likeness for them. I chose a white pair (disaster in the making) and a navy pair. 

I also picked him up some more plain white tee’s – bet you’re all singing Delilah now ;), a navy zip up hoodie which is so cute! And some cool sunglasses haha. 

Also on the kidswear floor is the homeware… Whoever decided they should be on the same floor must be sunbathing on a sun lounger made of cash right now? It’s impossible to not have a look at the homeware if you’ve 1) got a child and 2) been looking for summer clothes for your child! 

Coming out of the homeware section I had a duvet set, 2 extra pillowcases, a wall hanging, a beach towel and a huge beach bag… And I only went to Primark for shorts!! After having a look around the other 2 floors, I decided to be strict with myself and put the wall hanging, the towel and the beach bag back. (If I’ve got some spare money nearer to our holiday I will definitely be going back to buy them hahah!).

Once we got home I decided to put the new bed linen on my sheets; here’s what they look like by the way:  Gorgeous right? And only £13!! I couldn’t not get it could I! It’s also really soft and doesn’t have that crispy feel you can sometimes get with cheaper bedding! After putting them on, I put Jax down for a nap and decided it’d be a really good idea to deep clean our bedroom… I threw things out, sorted out shelves, polished everywhere, hoovered (even the wardrobe…), rearranged some photo frames and accessories and found fifty pounds!! I’d lost it around the time of my birthday or Christmas and couldn’t find it anywhere – now I have! YAY! Everything I bought in Primark today was free… Hahah. 

Here’s some more photos of our very clean bedroom:   

         I’m sure it’ll look the complete opposite in a day or two’s time but at least it looks lovely now haha! 

Now to try and get tanned before the sun goes in! Work tomorrow til 8pm :( 
Love, J xxx


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