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Weekend Plans! 

 Hiya, just thought I’d get this in now as I probably won’t blog over the weekend, as we’re so busy! (I’ll probably post some photos on Instagram though so you can keep up with me on there haha!) 

So tomorrow, we’re going to the Derby at Epsom Downs! I’m quite excited actually as I’ve never been before, or made a bet on a horse before haha – let’s hope I have an amazing sixth sense and I choose the winning horse! Jax is coming with us too; he’ll love seeing the horses but I hope it’s not toooo busy, especially as we plan to have a picnic there. I’ve heard there is a fairground there and some pop-up stalls! I’m praying the weather stays lovely! 

Tomorrow evening is the Champions League Final I believe?! (I have no clue) so Oliver is out watching that with the ‘lads’ – obviously! So I’m meeting Mariel – one of my lovely friends for dinner and drinks :) I love a good catch up… and food… and drinks hahaha. Mariel & I are taking Jax away in a couple of weeks, whilst Ole is in Belgium and Munich and I’m soooo excited! 

Sunday we’re going up to Shoreditch in London. Ole’s cousin is the lead role in the theatre show War Horse and they’re holding a ‘West End Theatre’ football tournament! The teams include War Horse, Les Mis, The Lion King, The Book of Mormon and a couple of others. Anyway, they were a person short so Ole is playing hahah! Me and Jax are going to look around Shoreditch and Brick Lane whilst they’re playing which I can’t wait for! 

I love the vibe that Brick Lane, Shoreditch and similar places like Camden have, and I haven’t been in years so it’ll be so much fun going with Jax and sharing that with him. I’m looking forward to going to the Spitalfields Markets and having a nose at all of the gorgeous, unusual and whacky items each one has to offer! 

So that’s what we’re up to; like I said ill most likely be posting photos all over Instagram but I’ll also do a post Sunday Evening/Monday all about what we got up to in more detail. (With photos haha)


I hope you have a lovely, sunny weekend whatever you’re up to! TGIF! 

Love, J xxx


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