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Weekend Antics // Part Two

IMG_0233Okay so I’ve posted about what we got up to on Saturday, now for Sunday! 

After waking up bright and early, and totally hungover in Ole’s case, we headed into London. I didn’t actually realise how long it took to get to Shoreditch High Street but Jax loved going on the train and the overground, so that made it more fun!

Once we arrived, Jax and I went to grab some lunch from a local Tesco, before heading back to watch Ole and James play in the football tournament! James’ girlfriend Evie was also there, which was great because we don’t see them that often, (they’ve recently moved onto a barge in Regents Park!) so when we do it’s always a huge catch up, which is so much fun! Once the boys had finished we decided to walk the short journey to The Spitalfields Market; the boys were hungry and Evie and I wanted to have a look round all of the gorgeous market stalls.

We got an ice cream on the way, from the best ice cream man I’ve ever met! He was so happy, chirpy and chatty and he just reminded us that there is still some lovely, like-minded old fashioned people around. So many people walk by each other listening to music or on their phones and they don’t communicate like people used to. I won’t go into that though because this post would get extremely long…

The boys being typical boys went and found somewhere to sit and get some food. They got a pulled pork sandwich each, which they’ve assured me was very yummy. Evie and I began winding in and out of the aisles of amazing stalls, passing gorgeous eastern fabrics, handmade jewellery, delicious cupcakes and pastries, old antiques and brand new products! I’m pretty sure if you were looking for any item, you’d be able to pick it up at this market. As well as feasting on totally tasty pop-up eateries!

After a couple of hours we were really tired. It’s crazy how once you’re a parent, 1:30am is so late (the time we both got in the night before) and it leaves you tired for the next 3 days! I remember the days when we’d be awake til 5:30am and not think anything of it and be right as rain the next day. Jax fell asleep so we decided to make our way home so we could be back in time for dinner! The weather was so lovely and it was actually quite hot! I even got sandal tan lines haha – such a good look, along with my sun-burnt head from the derby! Hahah!

Again, as usual, here’s some photos :)

Albert Naracott and The Goose!
Albert Naracott and The Goose!
Jax took this of daddy!
Jax took this of daddy!
Very serious look...
Very serious look…

IMG_0259 IMG_0261 IMG_0266 IMG_0269

I got so excited about this - I own 2 pairs - until I read underneath the line...
I got so excited about this – I own 2 pairs – until I read underneath the line…


This chuckled me...
This chuckled me…

IMG_0280 IMG_0281 IMG_0282 IMG_0283 IMG_0288 IMG_0295 IMG_0304 IMG_0312IMG_0301

Does anybody know any other brilliant markets like this one in London? Or surrounding areas? I absolutely love them! 

Love, J xxx

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