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Weekend’s Antics // Part One

Hello hello hello! A little late I know, considering it is Wednesday, but hey ho, I’m a busy gal… (I’m not actually I’ve just been so tired I’ve been napping instead of blogging…)

If you read my previous post, you sort of have a rough idea of what we got up to on the weekend but here’s a bit more detail and some photographs!

On Saturday we went to the derby at Epsom Racecourse! When I initially told everyone (whoever asked) we were taking Jax, I got the same response: “Wow, really? You’re brave! It’s crazy if you’re not in the Grandstand, blah blah blah.” I didn’t think it’d be that bad – Well, let me tell you right now – I am never taking Jax/a child to the derby again hahaha. Until he’s at least 10 anyway. The train on the way down wasn’t too bad, but it was very busy and Jax got bored after 5 minutes and was trying to climb out of his pushchair the whole way. We arrived after about 40 minutes and headed to the track to find a base for all of us (Me, Ole, Jax and 3 of Ole’s friends).

We decided on a spot which was on a hill – like literally on a fairly steep area of grass – which was near the food stalls and the betting booths. We were also in line with the finish line, near the toilets and right next to the fairground. It’s lunchtime by this point and we’re all starving as we haven’t had brekkie, so the boys all got a greasy burger and I got a hot dog. Jax had his packed lunch and everything was brilliant. We brought beers for the boys and I had a couple of vodka, lemonade and apple juice cans!

As soon as Jax was done with his lunch, he wanted to get out and explore – I’ve heard that’s quite typical for an energetic boy of 20 months old… It was so busy though, and just in that short time of us eating our lunch, the surrounding area was filled with people doing the same as us – except without a baby. We did get him out, but he just wanted to run off in the direction of the fair or in any direction but ours. In the end Ole did take him to have a look around, coming back with a huge ice-cream that shortly ended up all over Jax’s face, hair and clothes haha! SAM_0913

After that, we could see he was reallllllly tired, he’d also come down with a horrible cough and snotty nose a couple of days previous so was feeling a bit rubbish too. I got him all comfy in the pram and tried to get him to sleep. (Picture me, on a hill, pushing and pulling a 2-piece pram whilst rocking it at the same time, surrounded by drunk and semi-naked people enjoying their day) haha! Quite a funny sight!

15 minutes later, my arms are aching, I’m sweating and Jax is pulling cheeky faces at Ole and his friends… Great, that’s it, I’m done. Oliver’s turn hahah. By the time of the last race, Jax had been in and out of the pram 6 times, not fallen asleep, had a nappy change, I’d won £11.88, Ole had won £43 and his friends had won even more! On the way back to the station Jax finally fell asleep! YAY!

When we got home, I met up with Mariel and Ole met up with the boys for the Champions League Final. Maz and I had a yummy Nandos and went to the pub for drinks. I love having a good catch up! It also turned out that Ole and his friends were in the same pub so we were all together:)

Here’s some photos:SAM_0904 SAM_0908 Naughty daddySAM_0915 SAM_0916 So cute <3SAM_0919 SAM_0925 SAM_0930 SAM_0932The Grandstand!

In conclusion: we had a lovely day and it was fun winning some money – I’ve never been to an event like that before, but for all mummies out there with babies and toddlers – I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. 

Love, J xxx

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