Dear my darling Jax, 

I started making you  a scrapbook (I’m sure I’ll show you it) a while ago, but I’ve been really bad at keeping up to date with it; so I thought I’d start writing to you on here! It’ll be great for you to look back on, to remember special moments of your amazing life you’re going to have. 

I thought I’d start where it all began – that makes the most sense! Here’s a few special and significant dates and milestones whilst you were in my tummy;


* Thursday 24th January, 2013

Today was the day me and daddy found out I was pregnant with you. It was quite a big shock but we knew everything was going to be okay. Daddy told me he’d always be there for me no matter what happened. We’d just had a Nandos (of course) and we took the test once we got back home to daddy’s house. The 2 pink lines came up straight away! 10 minutes later we had to go to work (we were both working at Waitrose) and act like everything was normal!


* Tuesday 5th March, 2013

This was the day me and daddy first met the midwife at East Surrey Hospital. Her name was Elizabeth (Beth). She was deaf in one ear and was quite a laugh to be around because whatever you said to her she didn’t hear it the first time! I had to have 6 blood tests done which failed hugely – they couldn’t get any blood out after trying in each arm in 3 different places! I had to go and drink lots of water, but luckily when I went back it worked.

It was also the first time we had an ultrasound and got to see you wriggling around inside my tummy. You were 11 weeks and 6 days. It was one of the most surreal and amazing experiences ever and I’ll never forget those 15 minutes for the rest of my days. We fell in love instantly!


First week of April, 2013

This was when I gradually moved into daddy’s house! Nanny and Grandad were very generous and let us have the dining room and study as our 2 bedrooms. We were excited to get decorating and buying new furniture; I think by the time we’d bought everything we could’ve gone round Ikea with our eyes closed! It was fun building everything even though me and daddy did get the wardrobe wrong (not realising til the last couple of steps)…


* Saturday 27th April, 2013

Today was the first time I felt you kick. I’d felt flutters before but this was definitely a kick – and certainly the first of many. I remember daddy was out at the pub with his friends, and I texted him to say that you were kicking, so he ran all the way home from the pub to feel my belly! By this time you’d stopped kicking (cheeky!) and daddy almost passed out!


Tuesday 30th April, 2013

Today was my 20 week scan. The scan where the sonographer measures all the major organs and bones to make sure you’re developing correctly. Its also the scan where you can find out the gender of the baby! Daddy really wanted a boy and I really wanted a girl, but we knew we’d be ecstatic either way. You were perfect in size and a healthy happy baby! Oh, and obviously a boy ;) We were over the moon with the news – especially daddy. It opened up so many possibilities like buying boys clothes, cot bedding and accessories. As well as beginning to decide what names we liked!

Today was also when we made it public that we were expecting you! We’d told close friends and family but we’re glad we waited til today to make it known to everyone else. Everybody was shocked but also overjoyed for us.

Only half of pregnancy left & we won’t see you now until you’re born… SCARY!


Wednesday 8th May, 2013

Today was the first time daddy felt you kicking in my belly! He thought it was really weird but loved feeling every-time you did from then on. (You were about the size of a banana at this point!)


Tuesday 25th June, 2013

Today was when you and I went to Turkey with nanny, Jay and your 3 uncles! Daddy stayed at home because he was going on holiday with his friends a couple of days later (Magaluf!) It was hard being away from daddy but you got me through it – thank you so much for that. I had a really good time relaxing and spending time with family in the sunshine. When I got home, I only had to wait 1 more day before daddy was due home!


Monday 29th July, 2013

I don’t know if this is normal, but I’ve started to have a weird craving… chewing on wet flannels in the bath or shower. I can’t believe the urges I’m having but when I do chew on them it feels sooooo good! I think this is called Pica. I’ve also been going through Rennie like hot cakes for the last 6 weeks or so, this heartburn is horrible!


11th-16th August, 2013

This was mine and daddy’s little holiday before you were born. We went to Sidmouth in the South – Debs and Trev let us stay which was very generous of them! The drive only took 3 hours without stopping, but it was a gorgeous drive, especially with the summer sun setting around us. We drove past Stone Henge and a vast amount of beautiful fields and farms, singing along to songs the whole way. We had such a good time and the whole village was so relaxing; plus I just love being near the beach/seaside anyway. Every shop was shut by 16:30 (other than the little Tesco Express) but it was so good to do whatever we wanted to at our own pace. We got some proper seaside chips, fudge and rock! (Probably not the best foodstuffs to be consuming whilst 35 weeks pregnant…)

It was one of the best few days with daddy and I’ll cherish those memories forever. We were sad to leave but once we were home we knew the countdown for your due date was on!

IMG_6849 IMG_6979 IMG_7045

Saturday 24th August, 2013

Today was our first antenatal class (out of 3)! This first session was all day but it actually went pretty fast as there was so much to cover! Me and daddy learned about pre-labour, labour and birth and it made daddy even more confident about knowing how to support me whilst that was all happening! I was about 36 weeks pregnant but the other mummies were only 30/31 weeks! (We left it a bit late haha!) It was interesting meeting other mummies and daddies and sharing our thoughts, fears and questions with each other. We met Jo & Paul, Lucy & James, Anna & Royston, Maria & Marco and Jenny & Mark.


Sunday 1st September, 2013

I’ve been getting really bad Braxton Hicks today; so much so that I thought it was the real thing! The contractions were every 3-5 minutes and lasting what seemed forever! Ouchy.


Friday 13th September, 2013

Daddy’s friends arranged for us to have a baby shower! It was so lovely seeing how much effort they’d gone to to buy amazing gifts for you. Becca and Leah also came and you got spoilt by them too! What good friends we have :)


Wednesday 18th September, 2013

MY DUE DATE! But no, there’s no sign of you yet! I had everybody texting and calling asking me if I was having contractions or if you’d been born yet! I felt like I tried everything that people tell you to try; hot curry, raspberry leaf tea, a long walk, driving over speed bumps. Nothing worked! In the end I just gave up and tried to relax haha…



I’m pretty sure the next time I write to you it’ll be all about how you came into this world! I love you so much my perfect baby boy. You’re currently fast asleep in the room next to me at Nanny and Grandad’s house. You’re 22 months old tomorrow! Wow that’s gone fast :( See you in the morning bubba.

All my love,

Mama xxxxxxx



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