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A Beautiful Message From A Very Dear Friend


Today, whilst I was out and about with Jax, I got tagged in a post from Instagram. I thought it’d be a #WIDN or #onefromthecuttingroomfloor etc. At this point Jax had run into the next aisle from me so I put my phone back into my bag before properly looking at the tag. 

Once we were back in the car, I re-opened my Instagram to give it a proper look. I had been tagged in a post by @craftedsisterhood (check them out because they’re wonderful), telling me I’d been nominated and won the first #mamaappreciation post! (Nominated by the lovely @queen_h_d) What I read made my heart swell with happiness, and I did actually almost cry. I didn’t really understand at first because I couldn’t really see why somebody would write such beautiful words about me, but I have now re-read it about ten times and every time I read it, I can’t stop smiling.

I have decided to write it in a post because it’s such a special message, and it shows that there is loving, caring, amazing people out there with whom you can make friendships that last forever. Laurie, thank you so much. There are no words to describe how brilliant you have made me feel today! (Plus every other day since I’ve known you!) Here’s what she wrote:

We have never even met in person yet but I find it so easy to confide in you about most things. You’ve become a friend and I adore you.

You were my saviour during my pregnancy with Salvador and have been ever since.
The middle of the night texts to one another, offering support and laughing about all sorts at the odd hours. It was what I needed and you were there all along.
it’s truly amazing that we found one another on Instagram, all thanks to our gorgeous baby boys and I am so grateful for that.

Recently you’ve been through a real tough time but I cannot tell you enough just how wonderful you are. Despite the hardship you’ve faced, you’ve not shown a glimpse of weakness and you’ve proven time and time again just how brilliant you are at this mummy business. Thing is, from the beginning you have fought for Jax. Knowing how tough this road ahead would be, you did it anyway. You’re so brave, sweet Jeorgia.

You should be so proud of the woman that you are, the friend that you are but most importantly, the mother that you are.

One day, Jax will look back on these times with you and his heart will always be full.
You give him everything and more, you are everything and more. So long as he’s got you, his life is whole.

Never doubt yourself. ❤”

I think you can all see from these special, heart-felt words what a truly amazing woman Laurie is. We haven’t even met before and we’re so close it’s crazy. I think my main point is, if you’re ever feeling down, lonely, fed up etc., just know that you’re not alone. There may not be anybody directly in front of you, or even living near you – but there are so many women on Instagram and other social networking sites just waiting to become your friend! You may think you’re the only one in your situation but honestly, there are so many people who are thinking the same thing!

I can’t even remember how me and Laurie first started talking (I know we were pregnant haha!) but I knew I’d found a friend for life. Two years down the line and we still haven’t met, but I know she’s there for me whenever I need her, and vice versa.

All my love always and forever Laurie (and you of course! My wonderful readers)

J xxx

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1 thought on “A Beautiful Message From A Very Dear Friend”

  1. Okay, I’ve just read this on one of the midnight feeds.
    You’re adorable and have totally clarified why I wrote that post for you.
    So much love for you Mama ❤


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