Dear Jax | You’re Two Years Old!!!!

 Dear My Darling Jaxson,

Today is your special day. Your birthday. The day you turn two years old. The day where I’m all emotional because I can’t quite believe how the last two years has gone past so quickly, in what seems like a blink. I still remember so clearly the moment you were placed in my arms (after months, weeks, days and hours of waiting!) and my world changed forever.

You were so chunky, yet so fragile and I knew that you were the most precious little miracle that I’ve ever been granted. Your long dark hair, your soft pursed lips, your delicate supple skin and your squishy button nose made me fall in love with you even more than I already did and you were (and are), just perfect in every way. You didn’t even cry when you were born… you just pooped on daddy instead! That feels like yesterday and simply telling myself that it was 2 whole years ago makes my eyes glisten with tears!

 You’ve come such a long way ever since you were born and every single moment I share with you, you remind me just how proud I am of you. You’re becoming the most amazing little person any mummy could ever want, and you bring me infinite amounts of happiness and laughter every day. Every single day you learn something new to show me and you’re forever amazing me at how much you know, how much you can make me laugh, how much you can love, how much you can say (you chatterbox!) and how curious and inquisitive you are… about everything!

As you’re reaching this milestone in your life, you have been talking in sentences more and more and the conversations we have are just hilarious. You know exactly how funny you are, and I love the way you act like you don’t. You love to see your friends and family – and even strangers – around you smiling and laughing – and because of this, I know you’re going to grow into the most amazing person. If somebody around you isn’t smiling or laughing, or looks upset, without thinking you’re giving cuddles and kisses and trying to make whoever it is crack a smile; you’re the most caring little soul I’ve ever known.

Every day is a new adventure with you and you’re always teaching me things about myself I never even knew. You’re always there for me and I am so blessed to have you in my life, as is everybody who knows you because you are truly, a very special little Jaxson-ite. I hope you’ve had the best birthday because you deserve the whole entire world. I am so excited to see what the next year with you brings and I know that it’s going to be a fun, exciting, amazing and hilarious one.

Today we took you up to London, on the train to the Natural History Museum so you could see the dinosaurs and you absolutely loved it. We also saw all of the other animals and bugs and plants and you were amazed by it all. You were so tired even before we got to the museum but you fought it till the end – my little trooper. We had Nandos for lunch (one of your favourites) and then headed back to the museum to see the huge whale! On the way to the bus stop you finally conked out haha! Whilst you were sleeping on the bus journey, mama whooped daddy, nat & nannies bums at a game of eye spy! Hahah!

So as I sit here, (you’ve just gone to sleep with a temperature and a horrible cough!) writing this for when you’re old enough to read and understand, eating Crunchy Nut and my heart so full with love, I just want to say Happy Birthday Angel, you’re the most special thing in my whole life and you’re just the best.

I love you more than I can even put into words,

All of my love, always and forever,

Mama xxxxxxxx



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