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Goals for 2016

Goals 2016So here they are! My personal goals for this year! I’m so determined to achieve every one and I’m so excited for this year! 

  • Go on at least 3 holidays – I will save and I will make this happen. I didn’t have a sunny holiday in 2015 so this is motivating me even more!
  • Really get my vlogging and blogging going – I’d love to be able to to say that it is my full time job one day because I love it so much. Nobody wants to work in a supermarket forever right?
  • Go to a festival – I’m not too bothered what one but I want to experience it!
  • Get Jax a spanish tutor – I’ve always felt that knowing another language benefits you in so many ways and the earlier you start the easier it is!
  • Get a lot fitter and work on getting my knees & joints back to good health!
  • Be the best mama I can for Jaxson; supporting, guiding and loving him as he grows!
  • Try and save £3000 or as close to this as possible, by the end of the year.
  • Try and say yes to everything; opportunities, going out, dates, work, Jax – pretty much everything! (Within reason)
  • Always be positive, confident and know that I can achieve what I want to if I just believe in myself. If I reach a goal, I’ll set a new one. I won’t let anything knock or hold me back & if it does – I’ll take it on the chin and come out fighting.


What are your 2016 goals? Have you got plans on how you’re going to get there?! 

Love, J xxx





1 thought on “Goals for 2016”

  1. Great goals Jeorgia :) I have a few similar ones this year. Love your last one – I need to follow that advice too. To step out of my comfort zone, believe in myself and not let anything hold me back. I always overthink things, to the point where I talk myself out of it… 2016 is the year I stop doing that! Good luck with your goals xx

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