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Hello 2017!

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So here we are again it seems! It doesn’t feel too long ago that I was writing a similar post about going into 2016 and what I’d hope to achieve. If I’m honest I had to re-read it just now to refresh my memory; which in a weird way sort of screams at me that they can’t have meant too much? Or maybe 2016 just got in the way and I shoved the ‘goals’ to the back of my mind. Or maybe I should’ve printed them out and stuck them on my fridge so I could see them every day? Anyway, I didn’t and here we are again.

I suppose it also doesn’t feel too long ago that I wrote that post because there hasn’t actually been anything in between then and now (apart from a banana loaf recipe I wrote last week). The reason for this, is a long and roller-coaster-y one but I am in the process of writing this out so I can fully explain. I haven’t just moved to a remote island in the middle of the sea and thrown every electronic device away haha. In case that crossed your mind…


So, I didn’t save £3000, I didn’t get Jax a Spanish tutor, I didn’t go to a festival and I didn’t go on 3 holidays. (I went on 2 so I was close…) Now, because I wrote that down all those months ago and clearly haven’t achieved them, I think there’s 2 ways to go. I could feel a bit disappointed that I didn’t do those things and be a bit of a grump, OR I could just focus on what WAS achieved this year and realise that it probably means a whole lot more. I think I’ll take the latter.

I didn’t save £3000 but thats because I went on 2 amazing holidays that I wouldn’t change for the world, I’ve said yes to a lot of things which include days/nights out and dates etc – which at the end of the day cost a lot in themselves! I didn’t get Jax a Spanish tutor but we got a couple of books and apps that he loves! He can say a few animals in Spanish and he can count to 12 too. He can say hello and goodbye and he knows the names of family members (e.g. Abuela for Nanny, Madre, Padre etc etc) and that’s an achievement in itself! He couldn’t say any of that last year. I didn’t go to a festival, but I can’t see them dying out anytime soon can you?

The point is, I think its great to have a few yearly goals because it gives you direction, motivation and working towards something and achieving it is really rewarding; then the cycle starts again; you get motivated and have a sense of direction. So I thought about what I’d like to achieve next year, and of course I’d love to save a lot of money, go on loads of holidays and have a baby Einstein and have a brilliant life. But I also want to be realistic and maybe set myself some easier, achievable goals alongside those, because the more you achieve, the more you do – even if its cleaning the kitchen or having a wardrobe sort out. Here’s some I’ve come up with:

  • Paint my kitchen cupboards and buy a dining table
  • Get Jaxson a new bed and upgrade his bedroom a little bit
  • Dedicate the 2 mornings Jax goes to nursery to vlogging and blogging (cannot believe he’s going to nursery *insert crying emotional mama)
  • I want to be consistent with the above and if I plan and schedule, I know I can do this
  • Enrol on a short course/part time university course?
  • Take Jax away on holiday somewhere
  • Keep saying yes to new adventures or opportunities
  • Get back to the gym after my 3 months off… (oops)
  • Have a look in my wardrobe/round my house/general life and if it doesn’t make me feel anything or make me feel ‘wow’, throw it away. (E.g. a dress in my wardrobe thats in there ‘just in case’ or a clumpy nail varnish I haven’t worn in ages) – Thank you Shelley for that one ;)
  • If I achieve a goal (even if its change the bed sheets) – set a new one

So there’s a few of my ‘goals’ if you like! I know that life doesn’t go to plan, and things change all of the time so I’m not going to cry or feel negative if I don’t achieve these, but it’s a start and if I achieve even one off the list, I’ll be proud :)

What’re your hopes and dreams for next year? How did you find this year? 


Thank you for reading, I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, have a brilliant New Years Eve and I’m sending you every wish for 2017!

Love, J xxx

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