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National Tea Day: My T2 Experience

Hey people!

Yes – It’s National Tea Day!! Who else knew that was a thang? I sure didn’t hahah. So, last week, I got an email from a PR company I sometimes do things with and one of the first lines read: “As I’m sure you know, National Tea Day is 21.04.2017 and we’re looking to have bloggers visit T2 at the Bentall Centre prior to this date.” – I read it and just laughed my head off – I had no idea it was lol! The rest of the email was them basically inviting me along to this tea experience. Nonetheless, I was very grateful for the opportunity and replied straight away saying I’d love to be a part of it!

If I’m honest, I’m not a massssssive tea drinker. If I do, I’ll make a Twinings English Breakfast and dip a hundred biscuits into it… Or if I’m feeling like I need some sweetness I’ll have a Taylors Kew Sour Cherry tea (banging – if you haven’t tried this, try it now!). But yeah other than that I’ve never been keen on all these flowery, minty, smokey weird teas. I went there with an open mind and thought it’d be fun to try some tea out. Anyway, OMG I was so pleasantly surprised! I’ve never been to a T2 store before, I’ve seen them about but always thought  ‘hmm I don’t like tea that much to pay a billion quid for some’. Love an exaggeration don’t I, but you know what I mean.

So I got there – it was beautiful. The tea sorta reminded me of a load of hair dyes on shelves but they had the most stunning china and drink ware on display. The shop smelt amazing and I was greeted by the loveliest lady. I told her I was looking for Nick and she took me over. There was already another lady there (another blogger – I can’t think for the life of me what her name is I feel terrible) but they were talking about the history of tea. My life it was so much more interesting than I thought it’d be! There’s so much I didn’t know but also so much I could relate to from working at Waitrose for the last 6 years! Nick was the easiest guy to talk to and you could just so tell he was passionate about his job and he had a whole tea encyclopaedia inside his head haha.

He then told me to go and choose 4 teas I most like the smell and look of and to bring them back to him so he could make me them for us to try. ‘Oh thats easy I thought’ – yeah well T2 have over 200 teas in their stores and every single one has a smell pot next to it :|  Hahaha, anyway in the end I chose an Oolong Berry, Packs a Peach Fruit Tisane, Strawberry Sensation Fruit Tisane and the London Breakfast. I sorta played it safe with flavours I knew I liked but Nick had also chosen a load for us to try including Lemongrass and Ginger, Girly Gray, New York Breakfast, and a load of others. I was so surprised I liked them all. Flavours I usually steer clear from were just *love heart eyes emoji*.

The whole time, I could just tell that T2 are just all about ‘the experience’. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, there was absolutely no pressure to buy anything, if I wanted to try every single tea in the shop they would’ve made me it and let me try. Every time a customer came in, they were urged to try anything they wanted and to try the new matcha selection that was on offer. Nick even said they have regulars come in to try a few teas and talk about their lives for an hour or so haha! In a way I think because they are so calm and there’s no pressure, it makes you want to buy things – I asked him how much one of their funky tea makers were and he said £20 but he’s gonna give me one to take home for free!! After we were chatting, learning and listening for about an hour, Nick wrapped it up and told us we could go and choose whatever tea we wanted to take home. We chose what colour tea maker we wanted and he also gave us a storage tin and the cutest little tea scoop.

Nick, if you’re reading this – you’re an absolute legend and I loved every second! I’m so grateful for your time and knowledge and generosity! You will see me again too because the tea is divine – I’m going to become one of those regular customers that comes in for hours of chat haha!

If you haven’t been to a T2 store – please go! You won’t regret it and it’s just lush. Here’s some piccys of my goodies and of the day – including a lovely photo of Nick haha!

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*I wasn’t paid for this post or this experience and everything is my own words* – I’m just one very grateful girly to be where I am! I’ve also uploaded a video onto my YouTube channel all about my day!! (Links Below)

Thanks for reading lovers! Have a wicked tea day! :D

Lots of love, J xxx

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