A Letter To My Queen

Hey you, yes you Lily FL Kenny. (I won’t write what the F and L stand for otherwise you might kill me). IT’S YOUR MOFO’IN BIRTHDAY!! This blog post has come a day early, just for you because your birthday isn’t on a Friday this year…

I know I’ve already given you your birthday pressie – Eastern Electrics tickets for August. Which I’m sooo excited for, but I wanted to give you something from the heart, something nobody else could buy or replicate. Everyone knows my love for writing, so I thought I’d write you a birthday letter. Not sure how this’ll go down considering you cried at my card to you hahah. But here goes I guess (I have no plan here I’m just writing whilst listening to Odd Future, Kendrick Lamar and other various hip-hop artists)…

So, I’ve known you 8 years this year. That’s 2,920 days. 2,920 days you’ve been in my life giving me laughs, tears, memories, frustration (ofc there’s times we bicker), and everything in between. How lucky am I? The first time I met you you had 2 pigtail plaits either side of your head, a big fringe and I think you were wearing a skirt and a vest top? (I genuinely have no idea how reliable this memory is but we’ll roll with it). Ollie said it was you who’s party it was and then pointed to Daisy saying she was your sister and I was like wow jheez are they not twins? Back then you both had the same colour hair and proper freckly ginger skin hahah. I don’t really remember what happened after that, I think I stayed with Ollie and Steve and talked the whole night but who knows what happened. Then I guess it just went from there? I suppose we always went to parties together and got chatting every time? It’s strange because I don’t remember that at all, but we came so close after Ollie and I broke up. Here’s a photo of the first time I met you to refresh your memory: 19th July 2009 LILY 1ST TIME

All I know is, since then, you haven’t left me alone ;) We’ve had so so so many memories together since then I couldn’t even write them all down because there’s too many. All I know is my life has been so much more exciting because you’ve been in it and I wouldn’t change anything. We’ve been through the most tragic outfits, hairstyles and makeup choices and we’ve come out on top. We’ve had arguments, we’ve fallen out over things but we’ve come out on top. We’ve had the most hilarious laughs together, we’ve cried and almost died from breathlessness of laughing, we’re always smiling and we’ve come out on top. It’s mad but thinking about how many people we’ve met, together, is just madness. From sledging with Luke and Tom Browne and the girls, to parties with Ollie, Joe, Steve, James Thornton and the girls, going for dodgy chinese buffet with Conal and Gabba. Meeting and talking to anyone and everyone on our travels; in clubs, holidays, even just going to the pub haha. Not forgetting a few dodgy people we’ve also met but we’ll keep that between us.

I just love us. I don’t even think you’re my best friend I think you’re just like my soul sister. We’re basically the same inside, but the opposite on the outside. You love pink, and fluff and glitter and being glam. I love black, more dark colours and trainers and trousers hahah! In some ways we’re like an actual couple. We’re happily fully naked round each other, we know exactly what the other is thinking, you know my favourite snapchat filter, you’ve seen me looking my worst and best, you know what makes me tick and you know what cheers me up right away. You know ALL my secrets and I know all of yours. You’re the first person I go to with anything and the first person I want to talk to on the daily. We have fun ALL THE TIME without fail and every time I see something I want to do, you’re the first person who springs to mind as to who I’d want to share it with. I don’t even know what it is. I think we’re just both so relaxed around each other, we trust each other, we know we’d never leave each other, we both just have a laugh and can talk to anyone. It’s just jokes.

You were there through my darkest times and I don’t think I could ever write down what that means to me. Some days you didn’t even need to say anything but just knowing you were there was unbelievably comforting. You’re a gem and I’ll always be grateful to you for that. I’ve had some of the best times of my life with you too and I could easily laugh sitting on my sofa by myself thinking about every memory. I wish there was someone secretly recording us at all times so we could have a film about us because it’d be the funniest film ever. I wish we could go and do every memory together again just to relive the madness.


I think I love everything about you? Except your feet. Your feet aren’t great are they… hahahaha. I love your dirty cackle you’ve acquired over the recent months, I love your massive arse and I wish I had it, I love it when you sit like an absolute freak on the floor with your legs out at each side like a frog, I love it when we cuddle in bed and you stroke my arm. I love it when you cry your eyes out with me to movies and we tell each other how much we love each other and cuddle for hours. I love how you dance. I love how you would do any dare I told you to do. I love your voice, I wish I could sing (cue videos from past). I love your amazing eyeballs that just pop when you put your makeup skillage all over them. I LOVE it when you sleep talk – you’re even funny in your sleep. I love it when you use words in the totally wrong sentences :L

I love it when you send me ugly photos of yourself. I love it when we have a bath together and have to perform the weirdest of moves just to wash our hair… I love it when you take a dip in the Coral Star Apartments swimming pool and not realise how deep it is and almost drown (one of the funniest memories of my life). I love it when you’re smiling and I love it when you let me have a hanging lay in even if you’re wide awake, I love that you’re up for literally anything. I love that I can come to you crying or angry and you let me scream and rant at you even if you don’t say anything. I love it when you’re happy. I love getting drunk with you. I love eating good food with you. I love any adventure with you. I love being there for you too. I love it when you’ve always got my back if I have a nipslip when we’re out. I love you concentrating picky face when you’re watching TV. I love it when we blast out ibiza music from your car with the windows down. I love it when you put the heating on after a night out and we wake up thinking we’re in the desert… (not) I love having brunch with you. I love the way your fingers bend when you hold your cutlery. I love your drunk eyes and face and voice (whole package). I love it when you french plait my hair and I look like I’ve been electrocuted when I take it out. I love that we basically cry every time we laugh. I love that we’re such circles ;) I love everything <3

I cannot wait for so many more years of laughs and memories. My life is going to be an amazing eventful one because you’re in it. You make my life what it is and I’m just so happy and grateful I’ve got you. It gets to me you’ve moved to Herne Bay because I can’t just drive to you on a whim, but it’s also good to come and spend weekends with you near the seaside and go to cheap clubs and bars haha! I cannot wait for Eastern Electrics it’s gonna be amazeballs. I wish I was with you in Spain, celebrating with you like we know how to but I’m sure you’re having a bloody hilarious time. Can’t wait to see you in 2 weeks time.

BASICALLY, UR JUS AMAZIN, NEVA CHANGE BBYGRL COZ I LUV U SO MUCH. Hahahah how disgusting am I. I love you chick. My queen.

All my love, your girlfriend, Jeorgia xxxxxxxxxxx (Here’s a slideshow of snaps especially for you – there’s a few so hang around) haha xxxxx

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