Treats from Juratoys UK!

So a few months back now, Jax and I got invited along to a Creative Play Day at the Bentalls centre organised by Fun Learning  where they were showcasing some old and new toys. Of course we said yes and went along. Jax had such a fun time playing with all of the toys they had to offer; from toys calls Zoobz (never heard of them either) which were so fun! To vintage style toys like children friendly battleship and pairs etc. There were also some beautiful vintage style wooden toys and I got talking to a lovely lady called Michelle. She actually works for a company called Juratoys UK and she was telling me all about the wooden toys – who doesn’t love a wooden toy?! I can’t stand plastic crap (I’ll allow lego and duplo because they’re timeless but you know what I mean don’t you). She told me that the company that make the toys are actually called Janod Toys and they are France’s number 1 wooden toy brand! (I’ll link their website HERE so you can go and check them out their toys are beautiful!)

I was telling her Jax has a wide range of wooden toys – especially for his kitchen and I was explaining I’d much rather fork out a bit more dosh for wooden toys that will last than on plastic tat hahah. Anyway, she was lovely and I’m really glad I got to meet her! Jax had a wicked time and they even gave him a goodie bag for turning up! He was super chuffed with that haha.

Since then, we have been in contact with Juratoys and they have very kindly sent us a few toys to try out! You should’ve seen Jaxs’ face when I told him he had a parcel to open (Or you woulda done if you’d watched my Insta story haha!) We got sent the Mini City Story Set, Backyard Safari Magnifying Glass and the Backyard Safari Mini Bug Vacuum! Jax has gone crazy for all of these!

If you follow me on social or YouTube you’ll know how much Jax and I love the outdoors – well the afternoon he opened his parcel he was begging to get out so he could ‘use his magifying glass and sucker cos i’m an explorer’ (his words hahah). He hasn’t put them down. The vacuum is amazing – it doesn’t hurt the bugs, its the tiniest suction but it means Jax could have a proper closeup look of whatever he caught – and especially with his magnifying glass in tow! If you’re stuck on what to get your children for their birthdays or christmas these are a definite winner.

He is also equally as obsessed with his wooden Mini City characters! From a mummy point of view they’re amazing quality and the colours are brilliant for any age child. I also love the range of people, pets and cars etc. He loves to line them all up in the straightest line (OCD I think ahah) and then likes to pretend his villain characters are the ‘bad guys’ and the City characters are the ‘good guys’ – oh to have a kids imagination eh! He’s also loved playing with them alongside his train set! Setting up his track and then making his little town next to it and making up a story. Its been amazing seeing and listening to his imagination with these toys. He’s always been imaginative but as I can’t join in for a long time I’ve been pretty observant!

Definitely definitely check out their website – they’re also on Amazon! Jax and I are also attending the 2018 Toy Fair at Kensington Olympia at the end of Jan – Juratoys are going to be there and I can’t wait to seen what toys they’ve got on offer there! I’ll be insta story-ing the day for you so you can keep up with us then :)

We’d like to give a massive thank you to Michelle and Juratoys! We’re so grateful for your lovely gifts and we can’t wait to see you at the end of the month :)

I’ve attached some photos for you all to have a snoop at below :)

Lots of love peeps! (Please remember to follow/subscribe to my socials!)

Jeorgia xxx

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