20 Facts About Me (I’m starting a tag!)

Hey lovely readers!

The last couple of months of being signed off of work, I have had a wave of determination to make my YouTube Channel work and I’ve never been so passionate! Anyway, in light of that and feeling like I’m on top of my schedules etc, I’ve really been missing my blog. I’ve always loved writing, so I thought what better way to kick it off again, than a 20 facts about me post! I am going to tag  a few mamas/ladies too – so keep an eye out for theirs! I’m going to try and think outside the box here…

  1. I won a few tickets to the iTunes festival 3 years in a row back in the day! One of the nights was Snow Patrol at Camden Roundhouse, so me and a couple of my girls had a day in London/Camden, before going to the Roundhouse. When we arrived and I told the staff I won tickets, they ushered us past the huge queue and into a side room. Before we knew it we were on a TV set with Dave Berry and Fearne Cotton? I can’t remember! But we were in a room of people, cameras everywhere, lights, the lot. And we looked bloody awful ahahah. We had no idea. Then Snow Patrol came on and answered a few Q’s, Emma Bunton and some other people and we were on TV! I think we were on ITV2 or something. We had to ‘rock out’ with blow up guitars etc and be filmed lol! Claim to fame hahah.
  2. I didn’t know I was pregnant til I was about 9 weeks! I’d had the morning after pill so they told me I’ll either be early, late, or won’t have a period at all. So I wasn’t surprised to not have one. My boobs were the dead giveaway haha!
  3. I think I’ve moved about 10 times? Mum might have to quote me on that – but a lot! Home to me is never a building – its who I’m sharing the house with that is home. Cheesy I know.
  4. I have been very lucky to have many holidays in my lifetime. I’ve visited at least 13 countries I think, but been to loads of different cities/islands of the countries if that makes sense? All as different holidays. Eg. I’ve been to Spain: Almeria, Marbella, Ibiza, Malaga, Majorca, Menorca – and been back to those places a few times. So you get my drift haha! I love seeing the world! I’m so lucky to have been able to take Jax away to a few different countries since he’s been born. He’s been to Portugal, Disneyland + Paris twice, Menorca and Australia! Not bad for a 4 year old!
  5. I’ve never known what ‘Ive wanted to be’. I felt like a spare part when everyone left college to go to uni etc, but I didn’t want to go if I wasn’t 100% if I wanted to go. In the end I applied anyway to London College of Fashion to study Fashion Photography, but then got pregnant! So I couldn’t go anyway. Being a mama, as well as making YouTube videos and blogging has been like my calling in life. I’ve never loved something so much and been so passionate about something and I’m focusing so hard this year on making this work for me. I always get asked when I’m ‘going to get a proper job’ but I don’t really care ahah. Why can’t my dreams come true too? Why can’t I do something I love!
  6. I’m probably one of the most loyal people you’ll ever meet. If I love something or I’m passionate about something or someone, I’ll do anything to make it work and fight till the death haha. That’s just who I am!
  7. My 3 middle names are after the only other 3 ladies in my whole family! Louise (my mums middle name), Averley (my nan’s middle name) and Ann (my auntie’s middle name). So obvs I’m Jeorgia Louise Averley Ann Cook – hence the JLAAC! This is really special to me and I love having 3 middle names! I was going to be called Demi or Poppy though… Thank god mum saw some sense haha!
  8. I genuinely believe that everyones path and life is already set out for them. I truly believe that whatever happens, happens for a reason and its meant to happen. However amazing or shit it is at the time. I’ve been called a buddha/monk many times before because I’m so calm – even when I’m ‘angry’. I just think everyone can be in control of their emotions if they really want to – so I try my hardest to only adopt the happy positive ones. Anger and sadness can do one :)
  9. I’ve had so many amazing opportunities over the last couple of years. Working with a-mazing brands such as Benefit, Cadbury, Iceland a few times and some more. Also meeting some incredible talent/famous people along the way. I’m forever grateful, what a dream come true!
  10. I have a birth mark on my forearm in the shape on a butterfly/dinosaur (depends how you look at it) but its tiny and really cute haha.
  11. I have 3 tattoos but I’m planning a couple more for this year! I absolutely love them.  I don’t think anyone should have to have a ‘meaning behind a tattoo’, but if you do, I find that amazing too. Good for you :)
  12. I literally love all types of music. I used to LOVE death metal and scream-y music (still listen occasionally), I love house music and going to Ibiza and festivals etc to hear my fave artists play, I love indie music – too many to name but have been to many a gig, I love trap/grime/old skool rap music believe it or not! If you get in my car – and you’re dj – play anything and I’m sure I’ll love it.
  13. I’ve never really had a ‘fashion sense’. But I’m definitely comfiest in a pair of black jeans, trainers and a baggy top… usually a sporty brand one haha. But there are random days in the year where I’ll dress up and look like a girl hahah.
  14. I feel like I could pretty much get along with anyone. I’m not a very shy person and because I’ve worked in retail for so long thats probably contributed. I love meeting new people and getting to know friends of friends etc. I probably talk a little bit too much tbh.
  15. I’m kind of obsessed with wearing rings. I currently have 10 on my fingers and they never come off – unless I’m using bleach or on a counter at work. Other than that, never. You’d think I’d stop there but I’m always looking for another one hahah.
  16. Going on from that – kind of – I have 7 piercings. (Nose, belly, and 5 random ones in my ears) I used to have my lip pierced too so that woulda made it 8 but school weren’t a fan lol. I’m thinking of getting another part of my ear pierced too.
  17. I don’t think I’m really scared of anything; the only thing I can think of is bridges/walls/fences etc that are made of glass or see through. Its a weird one but I always worry it’d break lol! Even though I’m not scared of heights?! Lol weirdo over here.
  18. I’ve smashed my brand new car door off before, reversing into a pole I didn’t see whilst my friend was shutting the door HAHAH. Real life Inbetweeners moment.
  19. My favourite food is definitely Thai or Italian! *Drooling at the thought of a massaman curry or some good pasta.
  20. Last but not least! I owe so much to my subscribers, followers, friends on and offline and my family. I wouldn’t be where I am without you and you’re all so special to me. Big up you all <3


I hope you enjoyed this! I’m going to tag a few mamas on Instagram and Facebook! Keep an eye out for theirs :) Please follow me on here and social! Links below.

Lots of love, Jeorgia xxx

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