Dear Jax | You’re Two Years Old!!!!

┬áDear My Darling Jaxson, Today is your special day. Your birthday. The day you turn two years old. The day where I'm all emotional because I can't quite believe how the last two years has gone past so quickly, in what seems like a blink. I still remember so clearly the moment you were placed… Continue reading Dear Jax | You’re Two Years Old!!!!

Mama Life

Dear RAS (Your Special Birthday)

Hello! Today it's one of my best friends birthday. Her 21st birthday actually! And she's not just a best friend, she's more like the sister I never had and she's the best. Me & Becca have been friends since we started school (I think this was either '97 or '98, I'm not sure how to… Continue reading Dear RAS (Your Special Birthday)