My Kitchen Transformation Take Two!

Hiya, I hoped you liked reading and having a nosey on my last kitchen transformation post and seeing how much painting the cupboards has changed how it looks! Anyway, I mentioned that my next job was to sort the tiles out... Well, I have now and I can't wait to show you!! I'll explain the… Continue reading My Kitchen Transformation Take Two!

Days Out, Mama Life

A Trip to Dunelm Mill w/ My Big Boy (and mum-in-law)

Me again! For about 5 days now, I've been telling myself that I'm going to have a chilled out day where I actually stay inside the house... and I was really serious about doing that today until Ole's mum said she was going to Dunelm and wondered if I wanted to tag along. Now if… Continue reading A Trip to Dunelm Mill w/ My Big Boy (and mum-in-law)