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‘Trying it Out’ at T2 Kingston

Welcome back! It's been a while but I have been focusing on my YouTube channel a lot more - being consistent with one thing always means something else suffers! Aka - this blog, and I am sorry for that. I am hoping to get back into writing because I do love it, and have also… Continue reading ‘Trying it Out’ at T2 Kingston

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A Beautiful Message From A Very Dear Friend

Today, whilst I was out and about with Jax, I got tagged in a post from Instagram. I thought it'd be a #WIDN or #onefromthecuttingroomfloor etc. At this point Jax had run into the next aisle from me so I put my phone back into my bag before properly looking at the tag.  Once we… Continue reading A Beautiful Message From A Very Dear Friend


Webcam Fun w/ My Favourite Person!

  Hiya - random post really but hey ho! And excuse the morning faces with no makeup on hahaha! These were taken the other day whilst Jax and I were waiting patiently for Ole to wake up! It was so funny watching him pose in front of the webcam and he thought the mirror effect was… Continue reading Webcam Fun w/ My Favourite Person!

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Dear RAS (Your Special Birthday)

Hello! Today it's one of my best friends birthday. Her 21st birthday actually! And she's not just a best friend, she's more like the sister I never had and she's the best. Me & Becca have been friends since we started school (I think this was either '97 or '98, I'm not sure how to… Continue reading Dear RAS (Your Special Birthday)