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Jaxson’s Bedroom! 

Hello! I thought I’d share a few photos of Jax’s bedroom, in case you fancied a nose! 

Some of you may or may not know that Ole, Jaxson and I currently reside at Ole’s parents’ house – therefore I’m making do with what there is to offer :) 

Jax’s room used to be Ole’s dad’s study – hence the wood flooring – which I’d love to change, but there’s that thing called money – which I don’t have much of… So wood flooring it is! I guess wood is easy to clean though so there’s pros and cons! It’s also a brilliant sized room for a toddler, whilst keeping my OCD to a minimum because I don’t have to worry about lack of space. 

Both of our bedrooms are downstairs and we have a door leading to Jax’s bedroom from ours, as well as each room having their own door leading to the rest of the house – so he’s not too far away from us!:) 

I love looking at baby nurseries and bedrooms on Instagram and Pinterest and I’m always getting inspiration from other mamas! There’s so many ideas I have for Jax’s room which I’m sure I’ll turn into reality once we move out… 

Here’s some photos of his bedroom! 
 We got this beautiful wooden train with Jax’s name on as a gift after he was born. I think it’s so unique & Jax loves it! 

Jax’s book & toy shelves that I’m very OCD about – e.g. The duplo that came in the green box at the bottom is not allowed to be mixed with the duplo in the top right basket because they’re not part of the same duplo! Crazy I know but true right? 

(Shelves from Ikea – both called ‘Billy’ I believe! Cheap and cheerful! Baskets also from Ikea). 

Jax’s ‘special books’ part of the shelf – harbouring ‘The Wind In The Willows’, ‘The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit’, ‘Stars and Other Stories’, ‘Peter Rabbits Nursery Rhymes’, ‘Little Bear Stories’, ‘Beatrix Potter – The Complete Tales’, ‘The Roald Dahl Treasury’ and ‘Bananas In My Ears’. 

  Jax loves his new teepee! 

(Teepee from Sainsburies, Wardrobe from and shelves from Ikea)
  Jax’s changing area! I definitely need to buy a new changing mat as we’ve had this one since Jax was born! 

(Changing mat  from Mothercare, Chest of drawers were free from a family friend, Basket from Ikea & Poop Bin from Ikea)

  Jax’s Gallery and Armchair where we read him his bedtime stories! Jax loves anything creative and instead of putting them in a box, I thought I’d put them up for him & everyone else to see! I am planning on framing them all but haven’t got round to it yet! 

(Armchair throw from Dunelm Mill & Cream Fleece from Primark)

 Jax’s Easter cushion I bought him! So cute and fleecy and soft.

(Lamb cushion from Sainsburies!)

Jax’s cot; currently on the blue & green cycle haha! Homemade bunting on and above his cot. The one on the wall has the letters to his name on each flag – ‘Jaxson Neo Zackery’. To the left is his stereo and lava lamp – he listens to lullabies at night time.

(Cot was Ole’s cot when he was a baby! Vintage right! Bunting is homemade, Spotty Blanket from Mothercare and Foam Mat Pieces from Asda) 

 Jax’s covers he has at night; a duvet and a cellular blaket! He also loves his elephant projector light! 

(Duvet cover from Ikea, Cellular Blanket from Mothercare and Elephant Projector Light from Kiddicare)


Jax’s favourite teddies to sleep with! He also sleeps with a Mickey Mouse which he loves. 

(Dixie Duck from Manhattan @ John Lewis and Merryday Giraffe from Jellycat @ John Lewis)

Feel free to ask any questions if I’ve missed something! 

Love, J xxx

*I have bought everything in these photos with my own money and none of the brands/stores have asked me to do this.*


1 thought on “Jaxson’s Bedroom! ”

  1. Ha ha I totally get the OCD I’m like that with my boys lego sets. Jax has a lovely space well done x


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