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Oh Sweet Lavender | July 2018

Last week Jax and I took our annual trip to the Lavender Fields. I’ve taken him every year since he was born, for photos and just as a tradition I guess. It’s so much fun looking at them altogether and seeing how much he’s grown and changed. I’m a sucker for photos and memories and this is one of my favourite locations to photograph in.

Luckily for us, we live quite near to the Mayfield Lavender Fields in Banstead, Surrey. It’s stunning. It’s also come such a long way since when we first started going; it used to be the field and some portaloos. Now there is a cafe, a shop where you can buy beautiful bouquets and foods (all surrounding lavender obviously), portaloos are still there haha, and there is also tractor rides and facepainting. So now when we go, we really can spend a decent amount of time there. I love how it attracts people from everywhere. Parents and their children, loved up couples, newlyweds in their wedding outfits, tourists which huge cameras I dream of owning, old ladies meeting for a lemonade in the sun. And everyone is there for the same reason. To admire the gorgeous lavender and make amazing memories for their life scrapbook.

Jax is also getting really interested in photography, which I’m thrilled about! He asked to take a few photos of me (separate blog post) but he’s also very happy to be photographed which makes it a lot easier to get some gorgeous shots of us. Thank god for self timer eh hahah. After our photo session we headed to the cafe as it was boiling. I got a pimms and Jax got a slush puppie. He was chuffed when he realised his tongue had gone blue lol!

If you have a Lavender field near you or you’re near this one, I’d definitely recommend going. The contrast in colours is stunning and its a cheap day out with the kids! Below are some photos of our afternoon there. Enjoy :) Love J xxxx

PS: Click here to see our photos from 2015! Oh how they’ve changed!




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