We’ve Got The Lurgy!

Hello! First off, I am so sorry for the absent blogging but we’ve been ill the last few days and we’ve been feeling sorry for ourselves haha! 

So yeah, we’re all coughing our guts up – I admittedly have it the worst – I even threw up yesterday from coughing and I’ve grazed my throat, so that’s sore :( it’s inbetween a dry and a chesty cough too which I don’t understand; make your mind up!! 

As you all must know, with a horrible cough usually comes sleepless nights – which you can sort of put up with if you don’t have a lively 18 month old – but I do – so I’m really tired too. The last 3 nights I’ve been sitting in bed  just shouting abuse at my cough. Silly I know because it isn’t going to listen is it?  I wish it did! 

Jax’s cough has also been waking him up in the night and I hate not being able to do anything for him. Calcough works for like 30 mins and then he’s coughing again?:( he’s got the worst snotty nose ever and his septum is so sore he just runs away if I try and wipe his nose now hah! 

Today we managed to have a lovely walk in the sunshine round the neighbourhood. It felt so good to get some fresh air and some vitamin D! Above are some pretty photos of our local church, our local woods, Jax walking home and daddy writing Jax’s name on the pavement with some chalk we found! Jax even had a go once we got home in the porch haha! 

Sorry for the rant! I’m sure there will be frequent blog posts after this one! 

Has anybody got any home/natural remedies for a dry/chesty cough? Other than honey and lemon water?  Because right now I’m willing to try anything haha!! 

Love, J xxx


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